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Design your home, garage, casita and more…. NapkinCAD®

“Back of a Napkin” If your plan is an idea and not available in a native file (see below), our unique NapkinCAD® solution will guide your design process. Simply sketch a dimensioned floor plan and 4 elevations (each of the four sides of the structure), the height of the walls of the structure, door and window sizes or styles and the pitch of the roof. With our design consulting service and your sketch, we will design your perfect DIY steel frame plan for you. Our NapkinCAD® technology produces a fully engineered custom manufactured cold-form steel skeleton (frame). Once you have the frame up, choose how you would like to finish your exterior and interior to complete your dream home. Do it yourself, your way…


Native Files, Are the original drawings of a structure often designed in AutoCAD, which is a two-dimensional (2D) commercial CAD and drafting software application. Revit is a coordinated and complete three-dimensional (3D) model-based building design and documentation system also published by AutoCAD. SketchUp, MicroStation, Solidworks, Archicad, BricsCAD, Vectorworks, DraftSight, DataCAD, and other products provide similar results to AutoCAD. Plans produced from these and other applications, such as PDF files, are referred to as native files.