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How To Assemble A DIY Metal Frame Kit


How To Assemble A DIY Metal Frame Kit

The assembly of a DIY metal frame kit is logical, easy to understand, and follow. Two people are required; both to carry the panel and position it on the foundation and both to attach the panel to the adjacent panel.

Most DIY skeletons or frame kits are built and assembled in panels to make assembly simple and fast.

How to Make DIY Metal Frame Panels Assemble Fast and Easy, Follow This Logic

First, lay the panels out around the edge of the slab or foundation in the position in which they will be needed. The FrameUpNow DIY metal frame kits number all wall panels with a yellow label at the bottom left edge of the panel. First, mark your slab or floor with the panel numbers so that the placement of the panels will move along quickly.

One by setting the panels upright and one by screw one DIY Skeleton panel to the other. Add the Simpson Strong-Tie top bracket to attach one panel to another.

How To Assemble A DIY Metal Frame Kit

When to Add the Interior Panels to Attach DIY Metal Frame Panels and the Foundation.

After the exterior metal frame panels are in place and screwed together from one panel to another, add the interior panels to the DIY skeleton by screwing them to each other. Remember to move all interior panels to the inside of the foundation before completing the outside frame assembly. The living room or garage is a good place to stack the inside panels.

How to Make Certain that the DIY Panels are Square to the Floor

You no doubt performed a layout on your foundation or floor before starting the frame assembly. Check again with the 3-4-5 method to ensure your frame is square, and then and only then securely attach the DIY home kit frame panels to the foundation. 

How To Assemble A DIY Metal Frame Kit

When to Attach DIY Metal Frame Panels to the Foundation

Once the panels are screwed together and attached to each other with a Simpson Strong-Tie top bracket, you may attach the panels to the floor or foundation. Most panels are attached to a concrete floor or foundation.  

Use ½ Titen anchors to attach the perimeter panels to the foundation. Use a Ramset Gun to attach interior panels to the foundation.

Watch this video Simpson Strong-Tie Titen anchor video

Use a Ramset Gun to attach interior panels to the foundation.

Investigate purchasing a Ramset Nail gun. This is a very useful tool and a must-have.

Useful videos are available here:

Assembling DIY panels to the floor.