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Frequently Asked Questions

The plan you choose represents the skeleton of your structure. To secure building permits, you will likely need to include additional details specific to your area prior to submitting the plan package to your local building department. Details may include state specific engineered stamped drawings for: The site plan, foundation, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing,) and energy compliance documents. To obtain these additional plan components, please contact a local draftsman or contact our recommended service provider, New Beginnings Engineering, at 949-397-5191 or

Steel frames are precision engineered, dimensionally accurate, straight and true (there is no need for frame straightening), and panels arrive at the site prefabricated and ready for installation. Builders and trades say they appreciate the lightweight nature of steel.

Components, panels and trusses can improve on-site efficiency and also eliminate all on site framing waste.

Steel is inherently strong, FrameUpNow uses 20-gauge steel for interior panels and 18-gauge steel for exterior walls. High tensile steel components and joining methods are engineered to meet the relevant structural Code requirements.
The frames manufactured by FrameUpNow are cold-formed from quality steel rolls to strict tolerances which fully comply with all code standards. Light gauge steel framing is a precision engineered product manufactured to accurate dimensions. This means that walls are straight and true. FrameUpNow steel frames don’t shrink, twist or warp over time which will help reduce builder call-backs and ongoing maintenance issues.
Steel framing has been successfully used in commercial building since the early 1950’s and in recent years has gained in popularity for housing. Modern technology of design and automated extrusion produce quality residential framing superior to wood.
Frames made from steel are 100% termite proof. As anyone who’s had to deal with termites would probably tell you, it’s worth doing everything you can to stop them, right from the start. Termites can slowly and silently destroy a wood frame home.
Yes. Many insurance companies now provide discounts for steel framing.
FrameUpNow can produce parts, panels and trusses for almost any one or two-story home designs. Why? Because house frames made from steel have a high strength-to-weight ratio and stay straight and true, they’re an ideal choice for modern home design. Long spans, open plan living spaces, architectural rooflines; they’re all possible with the inner strength of FrameUpNow cold-formed (CFS) framing. And frames made by FrameUpNow are suitable for both flat and sloping roof lines.
Any trade can work with steel framing. Sheer wall, siding and stucco go up fast due to the straight lines of a frame FrameUpNow framing. Pre-punched electrical and plumbing service holes help make installation easier for plumbers and electricians. FrameUpNow framing is installed by qualified framers who can work with both steel and wood. Trades are increasingly becoming experienced with working with steel as more builders adopt steel framing in their product offering.
If you’re new to light gauge steel frames you will be surprised just how easy frames made by FrameUpNow are to assemble. We hold training sessions for framers and have a series of helpful videos.
Yes, similar to wood openings and specific advice is available from window and cladding manufacturers.
There will be no initial shrinkage or swelling of a FrameUpNow frame as there is no absorption or drying of moisture in steel frames. Steel frames won’t shrink, twist or warp over time so there’s less chance of sticking doors and window jambs, nail pops and wavy wall lines due to frame movement.
Yes, FrameUpNow framing can be fixed directly to a concrete slab, or to steel flooring systems of brick, concrete, or steel piers.
A FrameUpNow steel framed home can be lined, insulated and clad in a variety of ways which can deliver the desired thermal and acoustic properties.
To fix door jambs use suitable screws for timber/steel.
Screwed tight with suitable steel fixing screws. The sheer wall provides a thermal break between siding and steel framing.