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Benefits to Builders

Benefits To Builders

Steel Framing

FrameUpNow Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is a lightweight and high-quality material that weighs less than wood and has many other advantages as a framing material.

Benefits To Builders


Steel has the upper hand over wood when it comes to durability. Steel doesn’t warp or expand, and it can withstand extreme earthquakes and hurricanes because it’s flexible and can bend without cracking.

Benefits To Builders

The lifespan

The lifespan for steel framing is estimated to be hundreds of years or more​.

Benefits To Builders

Fire Resistance

Steel’s inflammability limits the spread of fires, wooden frames simply can’t compete and insurance rates are often lower.

Benefits To Builders

Moisture Resistance

Steel is highly resistant to mold and it copes better with water damage than wood does. Galvanized steel or zinc coating treatments also increase rust resistance.

Benefits To Builders

Time saving

In most cases no heavy equipment is necessary when building steel framing. FrameUpNow CFS steel components can be quickly made then transported to the site for expedited assembly...

FrameUpNow homes are accurate within 1/32 of an inch per panel with preassigned nesting dimples and screw holes for assembly. Pre-punched holes for running piping and electrical wiring, minimize preparation work or additional labor. And the walls are straight allowing for fast and accurate dry wall installation. And there is no waste.
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Benefits To Builders


Steel framed homes provide homeowners with customization cladding options such as brick siding, wood, stucco, and vinyl. And versions of your plans for room additions or modifications can be prepared for production and stored in the FrameUpNow Digital Plan Library, ready for immediate production at a call to action. Read less

Benefits To Builders

Environmentally Friendly

The FrameUpNow parts and panels are environmentally friendly. Absolutely no waste at the building site. Wood framing can produce waste in excess of 25%.

Benefits To Builders

Site Cleanliness

Daily clean up during framing is made easy because there is no waste resulting from the FrameUpNow process.

Benefits To Builders

Reduced Overhead

Less overall construction time, thus less variable site and administrative cost.

Benefits To Builders


Engineered FrameUpNow homes are best insulated with modern insulation materials such as BASF Open Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam.

Benefits To Builders

Wood vs Steel Framing?

Our housing industry has framers and subcontractors (drywall, plumbing, electrical, et al) who are skilled in working with wood.

Instead of hammers and nails, steel construction means working with screws and torque regulated screw guns. And instead of installing utilities by drilling through wood, FrameUpNow panels are pre punched to accommodate electric and plumbing.

For home construction to take advantage of metal framing it is a simple matter of the housing trades developing the skills and tools to work with steel and the simplicity and accuracy of construction provided by the FrameUpNow solution.
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Benefits To Builders

Steel Framing and the Production Builder

Light-gauge CFS steel framing panels and trusses offer many benefits for the production builder:
  • From Start to finish, the Framing process is much shorter. The compression of time and the acceleration of outcomes is the key to production home profitability.
  • Trade labor is more available and individual framers will use a torque regulated screw gun to assemble panels and trusses. One supervisor and a few assembly individuals are all that is necessary.
  • OSB or Plywood is added to the frame exterior and roof trusses by the framing crew.
  • Traditional framing methods are used to produce the patio porch.
  • Framed panels and truss components are light and easy to handle. In most cases, a crane or lifting device is not required.
  • Reduced warranty issues due to stability. Steel frames are straight and even, and the material doesn’t warp, split or shrink.
  • Drywall attachment requires no correction for the twists that occur with wood.
  • Doors fit perfectly when installed and maintain tolerances forever.
  • Builder call backs due to interior walls cracking and splitting is virtually eliminated. Metal is stable and wood is not stable.
  • Low long-term maintenance costs due to metals resistance to termites and mold.
  • Lower insurance costs. Insurance underwriters set significantly higher premiums for wood-framed construction than noncombustible framing materials like cold-formed steel. Cold-formed steel is noncombustible: Steel framing does not contribute to the spread or intensity of a fire.
FrameUpNow provides an end-to-end solution. FrameUpNow produces Cold Formed Steel (CFS) steel components. FrameUpNow alters coil stock at one end of the factory and turns out engineered framing components, including trusses and wall panels at the other end.
Most builders are second, or third generation and they’ve always built with wood. They ask, ‘Why should I change now?’. FrameUpNow provides an automated framing solution that ultimately improves the bottom line.
Benefits To Builders
Benefits To Builders
We significantly reduce training requirements for a framer. When you’re stick framing, you need someone on-site who knows where each stud goes, and you need to make sure guys are grabbing the right material out of the bundle. With the FrameUpNow automated framing system, individual components and framed panels are pre punched and mapped to accommodate fasteners. Accuracy is 1/32 of an inch and stacked tolerance is not likely to exceed 1/32 of an inch. With trusses, materials are ink-jetted so the crews can select the components in proper sequence and no confusion. At the comparative price of metal vs. wood, the economies of FrameUpNow cold-formed steel wins.

FrameUpNow steel framed homes are fabricated in a fraction of the time required for wood framing. A FrameUpNow steel framed home is strong, straight, and precise, won’t twist or warp over time and won’t catch fire. Steel is termite proof.

The key to a beautifully finished build is the way it starts, the frame is more than just another stage in the building process, it has a huge influence on the integrity of the home itself. For a 21st century building solution, make building FUN with FrameUpNow.
Precision engineered to conform to your DWG/Revit design specifications. Pre-fabricated panels improve on-site efficiency and also eliminate all on site framing waste.
Benefits To Builders
Benefits To Builders

FrameUpNow Builder’s Digital Plan Library

We carefully convert your DWG/Revit plans to FrameCAD Structure.
Our Residential FRAMECAD software suite integrates design, engineering calculations, structural analysis, detailing and roll forming machine control.
The outcome is extreme accuracy and efficiencies in the construction process, reducing costs of engineering, design, waste and labor.
The solution provides end-to-end process integration in the design and production of cold formed residential framing with the FrameCAD manufacturing solutions.
We begin with your DWG and/or Revit (if available) files. We convert to 3D FrameCAD Structure to verify detailing for walls, trusses, and web joists. This step improves design efficiency and minimizes project delays.
Next is FrameCAD Detailer and we convert design information into detailed framing plans with 3D model viewing capabilities. This application enables us to quickly transfer design information from architectural designs into framing layouts, then into production. This ensures a high level of accuracy.
Now we extrude and build Cold Form Steel (CFS) home panels and trusses to be delivered to your home site(s) for erection.

Our design engineers are experienced with DWG/Revit and conversion of your unique plans to FrameCAD Structure and FrameCAD Detailer. Key individuals in our talent pool led the AutoCAD design team of a Bay Area group that supported 60 subdivisions and 2900 framers during the early 2000’s. We know the requirements for perfection in planning so that a home goes up perfectly every time.

Excitement is generated when customers see quality steel framing and they will be proud to own a steel framed home.
Your FrameUpNow plans are stored in a protected, revision controlled and redundant library. Plans are labeled as to:
  • Owner
  • Subdivision
  • Model Name and sq ft
  • Model Variation such as great room expansion, extra bedroom or additional bathroom
Benefits To Builders