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The market is enormous and growing at an accelerated pace.

  • Building Homes

    Building homes involves Do It Yourselfers, general contractors and subcontractors who build new homes. Do It Yourself Homebuilders form a large part of the U.S. home improvement expenditure, which amounted to 457 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. DIYers and Homeowners build their own homes, garages, shops, and Accessory Dwelling Units. Empowered by FrameUpNow, YouTube, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, and other home improvement outlets, the Do It Yourselfers can have it their way!

Benefit from our National Marketing program of more than 125 ready to build home frames and 500 ready to build home frames by year end 2023. Build perfectly engineered Cold Form Steel Framing for your local production builders and build DIY Home Frame Kits. You will become part of a network that offers an outstanding product and an empowered customer following. Serve your market.

The DIY home building space is the fastest growing segment of the home building industry. To reduce the cost of a new home, start with a FrameUpNow skeleton. Now, finish the home with materials from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Amazon and how to instruction provided by YouTube. Today’s DIYer is infused with courage and know-how. And many DIYers have land awaiting a new home.

FrameUpNow has designs ranging from Barndominiums to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) that are very popular and ready for a DIYer.

Be your own boss

Enjoy the freedom, flexibility and financial independence that comes with owning your own business.
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Ongoing support and training

FrameUpNow has established systems and an extensive support team to help you succeed every step of the way.
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Gain access to FrameUpNow’s in-house team of expert designers, engineers and innovative building software.
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National powerful marketing

With more than 125 DIY Designs and 400 more designs by year end 2023, we have many compelling choices for the customer. The FrameUpNow web presence, Amazon Marketing tools and talented Customer Service help the DIYer make a decision. We engineer the order and send it to you for production and delivery to the customer in your local market.

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Benefit from our experience

From our manufacturing knowledge and systems, production control, inventory management to the systems necessary to operate a successful business, we are prepared to help leverage your success.
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Become a FrameUpNow distributor

Join the distributor network and benefit from collective know-how.
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Our Design Team Ready for Your Opportunities

Large and experienced design team at your fingertips. Call on us and our team to produce production ready design conversions from customer native files to FrameCAD Structure and FrameCAD Detailer files necessary to produce precise parts for your customers requirement. From a custom home that may qualify to become part of a growing DIY offering to a one-off design for your local market to computer instructed FrameCAD files for your local production builder. We have the know-how and staffing to aid in your success.

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